December was a great way to end an even number year (generally, they’re shit, I can’t say this one was). A month of ungraceful dancing, late nights and more McDonald’s chicken nuggets than even Morgan Spurlock could handle. A trip to Belfast, my first experience of ‘gay town’ and a lot of over time at work has left me excited, rich and tired. So tired in fact, that sleep deprivation is giving me nightmares. Fancy that? Nightmares at 18 years of age.

Regardless of feeling like a middle aged spinster having drank my weight in Southern Comfort, gained a few pounds and formed a new pair of dark circles under my eyes, everything is going just dandy.

Slowly but surely universities are giving me conditional offers to study English, I’m relearning AS Geography in time for my exams and saving my wages up for a Euro trip this summer.

As for new years resolutions I’ll just say I’ve never believed in them which could translate to I’ve never kept to them. Maybe I’ll start wearing short skirts and hair extensions for a ‘new me’. On the other hand, I’ll probably keep the bob, cover up and watch the news more.

Happy New Year (the odd ones are always the best) x