Having high standards is idiotic, having no standards is idiotic.

Somebody really needs to help me write my personal statement, so far my list consists of:

  • I have a job (I sit at a desk eating chocolate, speaking on the phone and typing)
  • I go to yoga (I went twice)
  • I read books (though I still haven’t managed to find time to read ‘Regeneration’ for my coursework)
  • I write a blog (rarely)
  • I went on a French exchange trip (to one of the most boring places in France)
  • I went on an English trip to London (for the Full English)
  • I did work experience at the Liverpool Echo (for a day)
  • I go to art galleries (they have nice cafes)
  • I help out at school functions (our school told us to do this to write on our UCAS forms)

This list makes me sound like every other kid applying to study English, I am fucking screwedddd.