Today I did the courageous, studious and the  ‘I’ve got my head screwed on’ thing by going to the Liverpool Echo newsroom and imitating a journalist for a few hours.

Sitting opposite a guy named Trager (everyone calls each other by their surnames) and a messy desk, I was faced with the challenge of trying not to stick out even though I was at least 10 years younger than everyone in the building and completely clueless. Resembling a deer in headlights, I got down to business and wrote my first piece: 2000 words down to 150 words about some kids doing some good deeds. Okay, so not exactly mind blowing but being able to make 150 words on a boring topic interesting is a talent in itself.

Next came the 12 noon issue meeting. This basically is a group of the senior journalists discussing the stuff that everyone is working on for tomorrow’s paper… The situation was nothing like the meetings one would presume goes on in the newsroom but then again it was only 12, I was assured that the evening meeting was a much more serious affair.

2 o’clock took me out of the office and on a job with one of the reporters and a photographer who had been laid off a few months ago but was asked back on the not so odd job. We went to the launch of ‘Liverpool Unites: Walk Away’ and shook hands with some important people.

All in all, the day has left me reassured that a career in journalism is definitely a path I’d eventually love to take. But, advised by the journalists themselves, hope to get on an English degree course.

Hello bad grades, re sits and working my arse off for the rest of this academic year.