‘It seemed like we were all just chasing our tails: waking up, going to work, fucking, fighting, loving, saying we’re sorry over and over and over again.’
From ‘If you have to cry, go outside’ -Kelly Cutrone

The only way I am staying sane these days is by

a) reading Cutrone’s pearls of wisdom

and b) compiling lists

Now, these are not the kind of lists your mother writes before she goes to Tesco. These are my lists that will in fact somehow aid me to make the decisions I simply cannot make without pros and cons columns being involved…

Diet:Eat whatever I want until these elasticated waistbands can stretch no more

Read Pat Barker and Albert Camus:Read Elle and Helen Dunmore’s ‘Love of Fat Men’

Work in free periods:Re-do make up, nails, eyebrows…

Go to university and accumulate debt:Find a job and still probably accumulate debt due to low wage not meeting my idealistic lifestyle

Move out of Liverpool, live in halls and do the whole student thing:Stay in Liverpool, move into rented accommodation, minus the nuisance of small town teens becoming city students

In other words, I’m having a fat moan. I can’t be pleased with all this stress of 6th form and UCAS. I need a Guru, I think I’ll hire someone to do all of my decision making for me, any offers?