blogger. But as always, I have a good excuse…

From 25th to 30th August I was back in my favourite place LEEDS at the Leeds Festival with the majority of the gang causing ‘murders’ and acting like ‘dirty scuzzas’. Enough of the banter, I can’t say I saw many bands because
a. I couldn’t be arsed getting out of bed during the day
b. I’m not the type to watch bands that I don’t know just for the sake (I was napping through Guns n Roses).

Living in squalor for 6 whole days with greasy hair and only baby wipes and dry shampoo to save us, coming home to a shower and my double bed (complete with scatter cushions) was a dream.

After that, things went downhill. Back to school with bad grades has meant a kick up the backside in the year of 18th birthday parties and nights out… not so good.

I doubt I’ll be going to uni, I wonder if Kelly Cutrone would consider me?