Today, I passed a rare sunny afternoon lying in bed watching ‘The Lovely Bones’ between two of my best friends. Whilst one let tears flow uncontrollably down her cheeks (this was the third time she’d seen the film) to my right, the other exclaimed that the film was (and I quote) ‘shit’.

Personally, I have been creeped out by the whole experience. I don’t know whether it’s because I generally do get frightened easily or because Stanley Tucci aka George Harvey looks so much like a typical pedophile.

After typing ‘how shit is The Lovely Bones?’ into Google, Kat came across this review that summed up her whole argument against the film.

Frankly, I couldn’t care less. The fact that we were even still lying in bed at 3pm with nothing better to do than to watch a film is complete bliss.

As for the ‘in-between’ world, it makes me feel like the film should instead be titled: ‘When Susie Salmon Did Mushrooms’…