There’s nothing like spending 5 hours on a coach with a bunch of girls and a bag of sweets, regardless of age. Known as the group that everybody hates, there was no questioning that we would be sitting at the back, being rowdy and generally pissing off the rest of the ‘creative kids’.

National Portrait Gallery

A tedious two hour walking tour of Blake’s London ended at the National Portrait Gallery where unfortunately Blake himself was placed miserably on an adjoining wall above some guy who honestly I’d never even heard of.

Charlie Wolf singing 'Hard Days Night' in Trafalgar Square

Bloated from dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe (we had to choose between a burger or salad with dried cranberries…) we headed to the hotel which in my history of being a St. Hilda’s pupil was the nicest of them all. This possibly had something to do with our  English Literature teacher’s preference to stay in a nice hotel,  safe in the knowledge that the students would be paying for her room.


Day 2 started with a not so full English and RAIN. Sporting strappy tops and shorter than short dresses some of the group were less than impressed. Nonetheless, Tate London proved to be a bit more exciting (mostly thanks to the odd arty types you always seem to come across in these sort of places) and the art teachers managed to drag a little creativity out of us.

Being creative in the Tate, off task...

Covent Garden was our last stop before heading back to the north. Whilst some friends sat and ate Paella in the sun, I accompanied another to the Topshop sale… each to their own.

Busking in Covent Garden

All in all, ‘That London’ makes Liverpool’s city centre seem quite amateur. As much as I love my home town, I can’t wait for one of the gang to move down and become a fake southerner so that I can visit and blow all my money in some of the best stores in the UK. Saying that, I noticed that London is very much a place where one minute you’re shopping amongst the richest and you turn the corner into a street full of bargain stores and nothing exceeds the price of £10. It is a real city of culture and although I felt overwhelmed by the vastness of the place, it is definitely somewhere that I am desperate to explore for longer than 2 days on a school trip.

Powder room at one of the department stores (comes with maid)

That London through the coach window