In the space of two days I have become a master of the British train system all in the name of ‘university, university, university’. On Friday, it was Leeds University’s turn to feel the wrath of my friends and I. (I must point out that Sheffield is hardly worth mentioning and therefore that is as far as I will go on that matter). After finding the greasiest full English breakfast for under a fiver we made the treck up to the uni for course talks and people watching of the male variety. Once satisfied that Leeds would be first choice, we returned to the city centre for a spot of shopping. Not only was there a Harvey Nichols but also an impressively sized Vivienne Westwood store. Unfortunately, dressed in a Topshop t-shirt dress and Gap sandals I wasn’t feeling bourgeois enough to enter either store in fear of snobbish sales assistants. Instead, the Topshop sale had to suffice.

Breakfast in Leeds

The evening closed with a 3 hour train journey up to bonny Scotland for home-made risotto and Mojitos. Our plans to get up and out of the flat bright and early soon evaporated and a quick whip around Edinburgh town was all we had time for. On our travels we came across ‘The Elephant House’ cafe where JK Rowling wrote the early Harry Potter novels, the Edinburgh Gay Pride Parade and lovely men in lovely kilts. The weekend ended with a meal at Bonsai Japanese bar & bistro and a tedious journey back to Liverpool.

The Institute of Communication Studies, Leeds

After 7 different trains, countless hours of walking and buckets of red bull it’s safe to say that I am not looking forward to next week’s trip down to ‘that London’ where I fear that the tube system will soon kill off my new-found ‘Train Master’ status and my bank account will be drained of every penny.